Easy Bus Cube

These all-weather fiberglass bus stop cubes provide
a comfortable amenity for bus riders in every season. Durable and easy to install, the Easy Bus Cube allows riders to sit while they wait on their route.

All-weather. Durable. Easy-to-install.

Sizing Information

24” x 24” x 22”
80 lbs. shipping weight

Selling Points

Long-term durability of material
Cost-effective alternative to a standard bench
Adds brightness & color to streetscape

Add-Ons Available

Custom colors
Custom logos or graphics
Flagpole marker kit for enhanced
winter visibility

A durable, single-piece seating solution for bus routes.

Manufactured as a single-piece, these cubes provide strong,
stable seating with a weight capacity of up to 300lbs, spacing accommodates 1-2 people. The exterior gel coat is corrosion, moisture, UV and scratch-resistant, and easy-to-clean.

An easy, affordable way to provide comfort to everyone, in every community. Long-lasting and rugged, these benches can handle urban wear-and-tear and all weather conditions.


Sturdy, reliable support. 

When it comes to choosing a high-quality solution that can handle the elements, the Easy Bus Cube is a sure fit for your community!

Standard colors and options.

The Indoor/Outdoor marine-grade PloyCor® isophthalic exterior gel coat is corrosion, moisture, UV, and scratch-resistant. Choose from our list of standard colors: red, blue, green, or yellow. Don’t see your specific brand color? No worries! We can match any industry-standard Pantone color to align with your custom needs.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I provide custom graphics for my Easy Bus Cube?

You sure can! If you include a link (a service like Dropbox or Google Drive can be used) to your logo or graphics file in the comment section of our order form, we can print your graphic on the Easy Bus Cube. Vector files are preferred.

What is the weight capacity of the cubes?

Our cubes can support a weight of up to 300 lbs., spacing accommodates 1-2 people. 

How heavy is the Easy Bus Cube?

The shipping weight of our cubes is 80 lbs. 

Is there a minimum quantity discount?

EasyRec can work with you to find a price point that hits your target. Starting at a quantity of three, a discounted rate can be made available depending on the standardization of the product being ordered.


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