ADA Easy Stair

A proven economical solution for all pools requiring a primary or secondary means of ADA access. EasyRec™ ADA Easy Pool Stairs are custom fabricated and manufactured to fit your pool profile exactly.

Lightweight. Compact. Easily portable.

Our ADA Pool Stairs from Easy Rec were a “no-brainer” solution in providing pool access to those that need water exercise the most! It was obvious that our community of elderly individuals, expecting mothers and those recovering from injury needed an easy way to enter from the pool deck. I’m so glad EasyRec had the answer.

Program Director

YMCA Tonawanda, NY

Durable and carefully designed.

The ADA Easy Stair requires no anchoring to the pool deck or any pool modification—ensuring that lap-swim, competitive swimming or the like are never compromised by quick and easy removal. Our solid construction includes entrapment skirts with protective wear strips for increased durability; white non-conductive polymer coated steel handrails, and non-skid ADA compliant gel-coated steps for secure footing. 

Built for those who need it most.

The approach platform is designed based on deck edge and gutter profiles, to fit both corner and standard placement. A non-slip texture is added to the landing of each stair for safety. The Easy Recreation ADA Easy Stair revolutionizes “accessibility” for pool environments.

Count your steps.

5-Step ADA Easy Stair

For top of deck to pool floor distances of 32” to 47” (Shipping Weight: 160lbs)

6-Step ADA Easy Stair

For top of deck to pool floor distances of 48” to 57” (Shipping Weight: 190lbs)

7-Step ADA Easy Stair

For top of deck to pool floor distances of 58” to 67” (Shipping Weight: 220lbs)

Choose your stair color.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I keep my stair in the pool forever?

You sure can! Our gel coat is specifically sourced for the chlorine environment. It’s designed to sit in your pool year-round, but also easily be removed if necessary.

How many people are required to move the stair?

Using our stair dolly only requires one person, but we recommend you have two people (one in the water, and one on the deck) to safely move your stair with ease.

How heavy is the ADA Easy Stair?

Depending on how many steps your stair is, the weight of an ADA Easy stair ranges from 80 to 120 lbs.

Is there a minimum quantity discount?

EasyRec can work with you to find a price point that hits your target. Starting at a quantity of three, a discounted rate can be made available depending on standardization of the product being ordered.

Can I order a custom color Easy Stair?

Yes and no. Because our gel coat is specifically sourced for the chlorine environment, there are limitations in the amount that’s ordered at a time. So while it’s possible to provide you, the price point is not at a competitive advantage to offer.

Do you have any ADA resources for reference?

We do! And we’re currently working on a blog for your resource. A work-in-progress, but soon to come! 


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