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ADA Pool Stairs, Stacking Benches & Bus Cubes

Tough, light, built-for-use. The ultimate duo of fiberglass ADA Pool Stairs and Stackable Benches from EasyRec™ make outfitting recreation spaces a cinch. Where water exposure is inevitable, and durability is the theme, EasyRec products are the answer. Easy Stack Benches, ADA Easy Stairs, and the Easy Bus Cube, come in custom colors, with the ability to add your own personalized graphics.

Easy Pool Stair

Use our measuring guide and templates to order a product that fits your design to a tee. Choose from three standard ADA compliant colors and place your order quickly without wasting a second.

Easy Stack Bench

Choose from over 16 standard colors (or specify your own personal branding scheme), upload your own custom artwork or logo and choose between two different bench sizes. It’s just that easy.

Easy Bus Cube

A cost-effective alternative to the standard bench, the Easy Bus Cube can add brightness to your streetscape with long-term durability! Customize cube colors, logos, graphics, and flagpole marker kits for added winter visibility!

Our fiberglass recreation products can be ordered in bulk for team organizations, educational environments, temporary events, physical fitness arenas and more. We believe that recreation and exercise should be fun, and group event facilitators deserve an easy alternative to what’s been available. Our brand is playful and energetic, meant to be “no-sweat” accessible for everyone. After all, recreation is supposed to be fun!

Designed for fun. Built for safety.

Your aquatic experience was made for recreation. But have you considered those individuals who may need to take extra precaution getting in and out of your water attraction? Expecting moms, the elderly, those recovering from injuries—all those who might benefit from your pool the most! When you put these people first, Easy Recreation is the ultimate answer for your accessibility needs.

Why Fiberglass?

This reinforced, woven fabric technology provides practical solutions to chemical and environmental challenges within potentially corrosive environments. Our patented, marine-grade gel top-coat on the entire line of EasyRec™ athletic products is superior, offering a strong and beautiful high-gloss finish that lasts a lifetime.

Inside and Outside for Mind and Body.

Recreational play is social; it allows both children and adults to put their minds and bodies to work in building lifelong skills and relationships. Easy Stack Benches are a stress-free solution to create and properly outfit community-driven spaces, anywhere. Think tournaments, educational environments and more! Customization options make it simple to collaborate on team-branded solutions for schools, communities and sports arenas.

Get Inspired

Browse our galleries to see what kind of projects we've had the opportunity to find solutions for.

Get Inspired

Browse our galleries to see what kind of projects we've had the opportunity to find solutions for.